Omelcom develops and manufactures copper and fiber optic telecommunications network equipment.

The company is a leading supplier to major FTTH and residential VDI network stakeholders and has earned the trust of some of the biggest names in telecommunications in France and across Europe. 

Omelcom’s customers include telecommunications operators, electrical supply manufacturers and distributors, and residential fiber optic and copper network installers.

Key figures



2022 revenue

20 million €

Annual unit sales :

100,000 communications cabinets

1 million RJ45 and fiber optic connectors

Logistics facility in France

A 2,000 sq. m






Our innovation strategy is sharply focused on supporting our customers in their quest for excellence. We dig deep into our customers’ needs so that we can respond with solutions that are truly differentiating on today’s market. 

We also have a robust IP policy. We patent our innovations to protect them from counterfeiting. Our patents are proof of our expertise and illustrate our employees’ commitment to innovation. We innovate to make our products easy to install, whether they are being used in new installations or for repairs and maintenance. 

Our experts are passionate about their respective fields. Their diverse range of experiences includes electrical supply manufacturing, optics, automotive, and telecommunications. Their strength lies in a unique ability to apply their knowledge of our technologies and manufacturing processes to our customers’ industries.

In 2014 Omelcom won the French intellectual property institute (INPI) award for the most innovative company in the Ain region.

The company is a member of major telecommunications industry working groups and standards organizations.


Our engineering department can provide all of the necessary documentation and other data to manufacture our products in our plants or at our partners’ facilities (FTTH technology, copper, plastics, electronics, micromechanical devices, etc.). 

Omelcom is located in a very active manufacturing ecosystem. We make working with local companies a priority, and approximately 60% of our products are made with raw materials sourced in France, and 3/4 of them are coming from the Rhône-Alpes region, where our manufacturing facility are implemented in France. 

Our CSR policy covers all of our plants. We have implemented an organization that allows us to remain agile, whether our customers need small or larger production runs, and whether our products are manufactured in-house or by one of our partners.



We have implemented a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS).

Our QMS is ISO 9001 certified. A 360° approach addresses all aspects of the company, from customers and products, to processes and suppliers. 

Some of the many objective indicators of the quality of our products include testing and validation by major national telecommunications stakeholders (Orange, Free, Covage, etc.), compliance with ARCEP and NFC 15-100, and CE marking.

Our products are robust, have been tested for outdoor use (UV resistant and IP and IK rated), and validated by infrastructure operators and ARCEP in France.

All of our products are tested before they are commercialized. Our testing lab can evaluate the performance of both copper and fiber optic networks (xDSL, Ethernet, IP, RF, etc.) and all of the functional and mechanical characteristics that can affect performance (ageing, impact resistance, push/pull, traction). Additional tests specific to the usage of a given product are outsourced to specialized labs.

At Omelcom, quality is also part of our CSR policy. Limiting the environmental impacts of our products, from manufacturing and distribution to recycling, is an integral part of quality.


Our team: Made to serve our customers and partners!

Recherches et Développement

Research and development

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Bureau des méthodes


Achats et sourcing

Purchasing and sourcing











The fiber of innovation starts here!

Values and commitments : We strive to create an innovative, values-driven, environmentally-responsible company where all employees are empowered to contribute to serving our customers and partners.

  • Put customers first 
  • Push your boundaries 
  • Work as a team 
  • Keep it simple 
  • Take action

All Omelcom experts work together at the same location near Lyon, France. Working together is how we stay agile and responsive!