Omelcom sells a complete range of home network cabinet components

Our electrical supply manufacturer customers come to us not only for our technical expertise and knowledge of the market, but also for the quality of our products and processes. Omelcom is:

  • A key player in VDI (Voice Data Image) for more than ten years.
  • A member of and active contributor to industry association IGNES and signatory of the IGNES SYCABEL Charter.
  • Consultant to French standards organization AFNOR in support of product and product use standards and the drafting of standard NF C 15-100.
  • All of our components are laboratory tested to all applicable product standards and as stipulated in standard XP C 90-483 and Article R111-14 of the French Building and Housing Code. Our standards-compliant products are designed to help installers comply with installation standard NF C 15-100.
  • Our project and quality assurance departments can adapt to our customers’ preferred qualification processes, including the stringent PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).


RJ45 ENTI The ENTI (External Network Testing Interface) marks the physical boundary between the Orange network (local copper loop) and the subscriber’s home network. Omelcom’s RJ4 [...]