The fiber optic communications riser

In France, all new buildings must be equipped with a fiber optic communications riser, which is installed by an electrician.

Omelcom also serves the telecommunications market directly. We have developed a comprehensive lineup of products for the installation of fiber in buildings, which we sell to telecommunications operators under France’s national policy to bring broadband to all existing buildings across the nation.

Electrical supply manufacturers that would like to seize upon the opportunities on the new-build market can also integrate these products into their portfolios.

Television amplifier with RJ45 ports

Since 2016, France’s Building and Housing Code has required that the RJ45 connectors and twisted-pair cables installed in new residential buildings be capable of transmitting all television signals (DTTV, satellite, cable).

This update to France’s building codes will eliminate the need for coaxial cable within the dwelling. Traditionally, dwellings were wired for both (twisted-pair copper and coaxial). Now, a single infrastructure with universal jacks will be the new standard.

Twisted-pair cables are compatible with all weak-current signals in the home. However, they do attenuate the TV signal more than coaxial cable. This is especially true for satellite TV signals. For dwellings with two bedrooms or more that use satellite TV; or with four bedrooms with DTTV only, installing a TV amplifier in the home network cabinet is recommended.

Product sheet

Modular components

for home network cabinets

There are currently a number of different types of home network cabinet enclosures on the market. Some are designed similarly to distribution cabinets. Omelcom can provide all of the necessary functions in modular formats that are easy to integrate into these enclosures.

Modular components also make the home network cabinet easier to use, as the functions can be seen right from the front of the cabinet. Splitting can also be done from the front of the cabinet. Omelcom can provide:

Modular RJ45 ENTI:

Omelcom’s RJ45 ENTI, approved by Orange in 2012. The product that helped make Omelcom’s reputation in the telecommunications industry is now available in a modular format.

Bi-directional RJ45 connector mounting plate

This patented mounting plate offers a clever innovation. This modular product can be used to position an RJ45 connector in one of two positions at the installer’s discretion.

The connector can be turned toward the inside of the enclosure for secure splitting inside the enclosure or turned toward the outside of the cabinet for DIY splitting by the homeowner.

Omelcom modular components have a basic design that can then be modified to meet each manufacturer’s needs.