Our electrical supply manufacturers turn to us for our in-depth knowledge of the market and our technical expertise. Our extensive catalogue of VDI components has everything electrical supply manufactures need to create a comprehensive, coherent, and differentiating product lineup that will set them apart from their competitors.

Many major brands have chosen Omelcom on the commercial and consumer markets.

Omelcom’s products are backed by a wide range of services, from adapting components to adding your brand. We can also provide you with a turnkey multimedia VDI lineup.

Step 1: Market research and recommendations

Step 1:

We start with your and your competitors’ market positionings and recommend a complete lineup that will differentiate you from other manufacturers.

Step 2: Production strategy

  • Select product enclosure (Omelcom, customer, or custom development).
  • Select components (Omelcom or customer-branded).
  • Select integration type (pre-wired cabinet or kit).

Step 3: Sales support

  • Create product documentation (Omelcom or customer-branded).
  • Provide assistance creating sales materials (spec sheets, catalogues).
  • Create product packaging.
  • Train sales force.

Throughout the development process, Omelcom experts are available to work directly with the customer.

The Omelcom product team generally includes a product manager and members of the sales, R&D, quality, and production departments.

Their role is to provide updates on project progress, dig deeper into the customer’s needs, and produce the deliverables at each major step of the project: proposal, prototypes, functional samples, test batches, qualification and certification reports, etc.

Omelcom is a signatory of the IGNES SYCABEL charter.

And, because Omelcom adheres to this charter, all of our components used in our customers’ home network cabinets are guaranteed compliant with all applicable standards and with Grade 2 TV and Grade 3 TV network performance requirements.

Our project and quality departments can also certify our manufacturing processes from end to end using the very thorough PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), for example.