The OTO is the housing termination point of the outdoor network. It is the customer outlet installed inside the accommodation, to the wall or in a  distribution box. When the incoming cable comes directly from the operator’s network, the OTO can represent the demarcation, measuring and testing point.

The development of the O₂ outlet was carried on always keeping in mind that the product must be easy to use. This is how we came up with the idea of separating the mounting zone from the zone where the fibers are manipulated. Indeed, the lower part of the outlet is dedicated to all the mounting options leaving the fibers out of the way while drilling and screwing.

As for the fibers, they are all gathered on a dedicated zone to make the installation and the maintenance easy.

Dimensions 80 x 80 x 28 mm
Color White RAL9010
Mounting options – Wall by screwing
– Wall by adhesive tape
– Wall box
– DIN rail (in all 4 positions)
Cable paths – 2 inputs on the bottom right and left corner for cables up to 4.2mm
– 2 inputs on the top right and left corner for cables up to 4.2mm
– 1 input at the bottom for larger cables up to 5.2mm
Connectics SC Simplex or LC Duplex
Capacity 4 smooves of 30mm or 40mm