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We look forward to welcoming you to the FTTH Council 2019 !

On average, just 66% of initial connections attempted with standard FTTH solutions are successful. In one-third of all installations, the subscriber cannot be connected!Problems can occur if the subscriber is not at home, if the wiring duct is difficult to access, or if the subscriber is dissatisfied with an unsightly surface-mounted installation, for instance. At Omelcom, our goal is to boost your connection success rate to 80% or higher, with a broad range of specially-developed, aesthetically-pleasing solutions!

New Optical Termination Outlet : It didn’t take Omelcom’s OTO 20,000 years to evolve

The OTO is the housing termination point of the outdoor network. It is the customer outlet installed inside the accommodation, to the wall or in a  distribution box. When the incoming cable comes directly from the operator’s network, the OTO can represent the demarcation, measuring and testing point.

The development of the O₂ outlet was carried on always keeping in mind that the product must be easy to use. This is how we came up with the idea of separating the mounting zone from the zone where the fibers are manipulated. Indeed, the lower part of the outlet is dedicated to all the mounting options leaving the fibers out of the way while drilling and screwing.