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We look forward to welcoming you to the FTTH Council 2019 !

On average, just 66% of initial connections attempted with standard FTTH solutions are successful. In one-third of all installations, the subscriber cannot be connected!Problems can occur if the subscriber is not at home, if the wiring duct is difficult to access, or if the subscriber is dissatisfied with an unsightly surface-mounted installation, for instance. At Omelcom, our goal is to boost your connection success rate to 80% or higher, with a broad range of specially-developed, aesthetically-pleasing solutions!

New Optical Termination Outlet : It didn’t take Omelcom’s OTO 20,000 years to evolve

The OTO is the housing termination point of the outdoor network. It is the customer outlet installed inside the accommodation, to the wall or in a  distribution box. When the incoming cable comes directly from the operator’s network, the OTO can represent the demarcation, measuring and testing point.

The development of the O₂ outlet was carried on always keeping in mind that the product must be easy to use. This is how we came up with the idea of separating the mounting zone from the zone where the fibers are manipulated. Indeed, the lower part of the outlet is dedicated to all the mounting options leaving the fibers out of the way while drilling and screwing.

New xDSL and optic fiber tester by OMELCOM

For telecom professionals who install and maintain copper and optic fiber networks, the E@SY'TEST SMART PRO is an xDSL and optic fiber tester used to measure all the features of a telecom installation, while offering the comfort and services of a latest generation smartphone (4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 8Mpx camera embedded).

Unlike the usual testers, the E@SY'TEST SMART PRO includes additional testing functions (multimeter, cable tracker) and its Android operating system makes it easy to use and fully customizable.

6th edition of Fiber Optics Conference – 23 June 2015 – Paris

The institute for the development of fiber optics organizes under the presidence of Axelle Lemaire, the secretary of state in charge of digital economy, a conference under the theme of "The dwelling at the service of good life".
OMELCOM will speak on the issue of "How the multimedia network contributes to the evolution of the way of life".
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Omelcom with a strong “Marathon” fiber

For the second consecutive year, Omelcom participated in the VIRIAT inter-enterprise marathon on 13 June 2015. This competition brought together 266 teams of 6 runners each, who took turns to cover the mythical distance of 42 kilometres. Encouraged by the whole of the company, the Omelcom team finished 32nd in the Senior category with a time of 30 minutes, which bettered the previous year's achievement !
The Omelcom team is now ready for the next edition of the inter-enterprise marathon.

Omelcom elected “Most Innovative Company in the department of Ain” in 2014

An essential factor in the growth and competitivity of the enterprises, innovation was the main topic of discussion during the annual assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the department of Ain on 29 September 2014. During this occasion, Omelcom was elected "the most innovative company" in its category by National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and CCI - a reward for its relentless effort in offering the best solutions for its clients.
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