Omelcom was chosen to represent electrical supply manufacturers on the ARCEP (France’s telecommunications, postal services, and media regulator) Fiber Committee.

An expert on residential multimedia VDI (Voice Data Image) networks and FTTH telecommunications networks, Omelcom develops and manufactures communications equipment for most major electrical supply manufacturers.

The company’s latest innovation was released on November 4, 2019: The Distri-Protect® OTO is already being used by Orange and other infrastructure operators across France to bring high-speed fiber optic telecommunications to homes.

Omelcom’s seat on the ARCEP Fiber Committee will position the company to achieve the convergence of its two main areas of expertise to: 

  • Bring its in-depth knowledge of residential wiring to telecommunications stakeholders.
  • Bring electric supply manufacturers its knowledge of telecommunications networks.

The goal is to facilitate the penetration of operators’ fiber networks into homes by enabling efficient interconnection with multimedia communication equipment.