Another good news for the development of our activities abroad  ! OMELCOM exports its products and deploys its optical fiber in Germany.

This new outlet combines ingenuity and pure design, and has already outreached our business ambitions.

Firstly, it really caught the attention of several important companies in the fiber deployment sector. Then our product managed to be accepted and used by Deutsche Telekom, the German National Operator.

Therefore, once again our experts proved that they are very talented in fiber networks and connected homes, especially as they put special care in the development of this product.It is by taking into account the customers’ needs linked to the easiness of usage as well as of installation: safety, ease of use…

Those are ergonomic advantages very appreciated abroad and especially by our new partner Deutsche Telekom.  This success comes as a reward for all OMELCOM, but mainly it is the recognition of the nice performance of our teams! It is thanks to the quality of its products that OMELCOM manages to export its OTO in Germany.

In Germany, the development of the optical fiber is mainly done underground and uses micro-conduit cables that our product will facilitate the use and deployment.

The efficient commercialization of our OTO (Optical termination Outlets) on that market has therefore significant stakes!

Indeed nowadays, we can clearly see an intensification of the fiber deployment work, as well as the augmentation of the positioning on this market by various FTTH networks operators.

We are proud of the deployment of our new Optical Termination oulets (OTO) to make german homes passed.

Henceforth, the german users can now count on OMELCOM to durably enjoy all the advantages of the optic fiber in their homes.


Nicolas THOURET, communications manager

Omelcom steps into the german market