During the first quarter of 2022, Omelcom published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. This twenty-four-page document presents the company’s CSR achievements as well as the projects for the year 2022. In the introduction, Christophe Prévôt, CEO of Omelcom, explains the importance of this CSR approach and the dynamic in which it accompanies the development of the company:

« As a company that has been located at the heart of the Ain region for ten years, a region where various unusual landscapes meet in a mix of waterways, fields, vineyards, livestock farms, forests and mountains, it makes sense that OMELCOM has developed a keen appreciation of theneedtopreservenaturalresources.Thisisdemonstratedbyourdecisiontolimitthemassimportationofgoods from abroad necessitating long-distance transport with a carbon impact that is catastrophic for the environment.

This result was made possible by our longstanding partnerships with industrial players in the region, which have also enabled us to support the local economy.

In the last two years, the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 has also strengthened our ambition. The series of lockdowns and the widespread need for remote working and socialising have shown the growing importance of superfast broadband for homes. Created with the conviction that everyone has the right to superfast broadband, OMELCOM is positioning itself more than anything else as a stakeholder that must meet a number of economic and social challenges by working to reduce the digital exclusion of certain areas in France and to further the rollout and reliability of the telecommunications network in France and, more widely, in the areas covered by our customers based in Europe and Africa.

It is in this changing world, where issues surrounding access to energy and to employment without discrimination of any kind also come into play, that OMELCOM has decided to renew its CSR efforts.

We are delighted to publish this‘CSR Report’, in which we explain what is important to us and what we are doing now and will do in the future to tackle these new social, societal, environmental and economic challenges ».

We hope you enjoy it!