We recently redesigned our website to give you a clearer message about who we are and provide more detailed information on our products.

“We wanted to make the site easier to navigate for the people who use our products. Residential VDI products and telecommunications products are presented separately,” said Romuald Babiarz, who heads Omelcom’s marketing team. “The two product lines are closely interconnected. The telecommunications network operator’s equipment ends where the residential VDI network equipment begins. However, the buyers of the different types of products are not the same. We wanted to make it easy for our customers to find the high-performance solutions they need as quickly as possible.”

The new website also offers more detailed information about Omelcom’s products. “Our customers have been asking for access to more complete product information online, and we have delivered,” said Omelcom sales manager  Dominique Grondin. “We are based in France, but, with increasing numbers of customers outside of our home market, we also felt it was important to offer an English version of the new site.”

Omelcom CEO Christophe Prévot said, “Our website is the online face of our company. It is the first place our customers and partners go for information about the company and our products, so it has to be clear and straightforward.”

We hope you enjoy our new website!

N. Thouret, Webmaster