Project Description

ADB-Aerial distribution box for connector-based hookup

Our ADB with adapters and pigtails is the optimal solution for a fast, secure connection:

  • The Distri-Protect® system eliminates interference on distribution cable modules.
  • The E@sy’Secure® anchoring system holds cables securely in place for the long term.
  • Easier customer hookup with three times less breakage of adjacent hookups.
  • Standard SC/APC connectors keep costs down.
Product number Description Main characteristics
CO010 ADB PRECO DISTRI-PROTECT 6 SC/APC Cable up to 72 OF pass-through.
6 customer hookups.
CO011 ADB PRECO DISTRI-PROTECT 6 SC/APC + 2 BY-PASSES 36 OF Cable up to 144 OF pass-through.
6 customer hookups + 2 by-passes up to 36 OF.