Project Description

Simple and fast: Confirm the presence of disturbances in three steps

The E@SY’DETECT 750 disturbance detector is designed for field technicians’ day-to-day needs. It detects and confirms the presence of a disturbance. With E@SY’DETECT 750, the procedure is simple. Scan for the most common sources of disturbances and locate electrical circuits generating disturbances in record time.

E@SY’DETECT 750 helps field technicians do their job more efficiently:

  • By confirming whether or not any disturbances are present and,
  • By locating the source of the disturbance.

The instrument offers:

  • 3 sensitivity settings
  • 2 scanning frequencies
  • A digital display and audible beep
  • An indicator light for the detection of a modulation at 100 Hz
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