Project Description

A complete optical route usually passes through several intermediate splitting points. The identification of the end-to-end route is often made easier by the use of laser pens, in order to identify one by one the fibres at each intermediate splitting point.

The Ludoptic mini is equipped with two 650 nm (visible wavelength) lasers whose power is adjustable from 1 to 30 mW.

The Omelcom Connect mobile application allows to remotely switch on and off the lasers. The light intensity can be adjusted at the end, thus limiting the risks associated with the use of a class 3B laser for the technician.

Product features:  

  • Speeds up the connection and maintenance of fibre optic network
  • Facilitates the identification of an inversion between two fibres
  • Improves technician’s safety
  • Excellent stability of laser power regardless of battery level
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A dedicated mobile application

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