Project Description

Among all the operations of an optic fibre deployment, the fibre to fibre match between the outdoor distribution frame and the subscribers connection node must be checked. This test is realised using a visible laser (‘optic crayon’) : a control made by 2 persons, one injecting the laser signal into the outdoor distribution frame and the other one controlling the light at the other end, into the subscriber connection nodes.

Ludoptic is an optic drawer equipped with 24 laser emitters, which can be controlled remotely, using an app on your smartphone.
Thanks to its efficiency, it enables productivity gain during the operations of verification.
If it is used during the deployment phase, a control when the subscriber connection nodes are installed can be made. This avoids the controls needing the subscriber connection nodes to be opened a second time.

Its photo time-stamping feature enables to stamp on pictures the optic route’s information to make reliable controls and to simplify and their recordings. Our goal is to sustain the quality of your networks.

The laser power is adjustable from 1 up to 30mW to adapt the light intensity at the end of the fibre. In this way, risks of using a 3B class laser are reduced.

Product benefits: 

  • It speeds up the FTTH network deployment
  • It boosts the quality of the operations for the network verifications
  • It supports the security of the person making continuity tests
  • It adapts itself to the length of the tested optical link
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Mini-break out for Ludoptic

The cable is pre-connected on both sides, which means that the Ludoptic can be connected to a customer patch panel much faster than with single patch cords.

The cable is thin to facilitate its routing in the street cabinet’s routing area. The plugs are stored differently on each side, and grouped in clusters to facilitate their connection to the patch panel.

Product benefits:  

  • Reduced cable diameter for easy routing
  • Tiered and bundled branch lengths for easy connection to the Ludoptic
  • Tiered and bundled branch lengths for easy connection to customer panel patches
  • Numbered adapters
  • Wide operating temperature range
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