Project Description

Solutions for ISP boxes (in-room) and doublers

Today’s ISP boxes offer a wide array of features (web browsers, TV, hard drive, gaming console, home automation, and more) that the home’s occupants are likely to want to use in different rooms of the house. Placing the ISP box in the reserve area next to the home network cabinet is still the recommended configuration for optimal VDI network performance. However, if the box is placed elsewhere in the home, the box interface can be used to provide the link between the home network cabinet and the box, just as if the box were effectively installed in the home network cabinet.

With the box interface, a single RJ45 jack can be used to:

  • Transmit the signal coming in to the box (xDSL) and all signals coming out of the box (Mbit Ethernet and IP telephone)
  • Transmit all signals coming out of the box (Gbit Ethernet and IP telephone) via fiber optic
Part number Part name Includes
GO100 BOX INTERFACE MBIT 2 Mbit multimedia doublers for box and cabinet, 10 RJ45 cables, 2 RJ11/RJ45 adapters
GO103 BOX INTERFACE GBIT 2 Gbit multimedia doublers for box and cabinet, 5 RJ45 Cat 6 cables, 1 RJ11/RJ45 cable
Multiples DOUBLERS* Ask us about our line of TV+Ethernet, Tel+Ethernet, Ethernet+Ethernet, and other doublers.

* Doublers can be used to avoid installing additional RJ45 wall jacks. As an example, the TV+Ethernet doubler is particularly useful for internet-connected TV sets. It can be used to combine the TV and Ethernet signal in a single RJ45 wall jack.