Project Description

TV amplifier

Since 2016, France’s Building and Housing Code has required that the RJ45 connectors and twisted-pair cables installed in new residential buildings be capable of transmitting all television signals (DTTV, satellite, cable).

This update to France’s building codes will eliminate the need for coaxial cable within the dwelling. Traditionally, dwellings were wired for both (twisted-pair copper and coaxial). Now, a single infrastructure with universal jacks will be the new standard.

Twisted-pair cables are compatible with all weak-current signals in the home. However, they do attenuate the TV signal more than coaxial cable. This is especially true for satellite TV signals. For dwellings with two bedrooms or more that use satellite TV; or with four bedrooms with DTTV only, installing a TV amplifier in the home network cabinet is recommended.

Omelcom amplifiers can be used to amplify all TV signals

Omelcom amplifiers can be used to amplify all TV signals (DTTV, satellite, and cable) over four RJ45 lines out:

  • Line out 1: DTTV + SAT
  • Lines out 2, 3, 4: DTTV + CABLE

Each signal can be adjusted separately, and amplified up to 20 dB, for distances of up to 45 m for DTTV and 35 m for satellite.

The amplifier is delivered with DIN rail clips for mounting inside the home network cabinet; it can also be screwed into a mounting plate. The width has been reduced to a minimum to save space.

Part number Part name
Delivered with power supply and DIN rail clips